Since 1996, NEAT has been ensuring the excellent and the most personalized service. 18 years of experience in tourism now, we are one of the Experienced Trekking Agency in Nepal. We have our expertise team who have already explored each and every corner of the trekking trails in Nepal. We can design you the most flexible Holiday packages and itineraries which will suits your holiday plan and help you to fulfill your zeal to trek the majestic peaks and explore glorious Himalayas of Nepal. We value your precious time and money. NEAT can offer a service that suits your(i.e. individual or group) interests, health, age, time and budget including the matter of safety, respect, hygiene , hospitality and equipment.

Our Motto

"Dream it, Dare it, Trek it."

Our Mission

To be Nepal's no.1 Trekking Agency which provides most hospitable, personalized and customized service.

Our Vision 

 One never really experiences life through a normal existence. In a normal existence the days melt into each other and a year is just a repetitive sequence of days and activities punctuated with the occasional good fortune or catastrophe. But on a Nepal Experienced Adventure Treks (Pvt.) Ltd. trip each day feels as if it is worth a year of your old life.

Social Welfare and Contribution

NEAT beliefs that growing oneself is not ethical and sufficient, we should also support others to grow.

We are associated with Nepal Australian friendship Association (NAFA) and conducting various social works in rural parts of Nepal and supporting the life out there. You are always welcome to support for good cause with NEAT and carryout social work in rural areas of Nepal.

Environmental Responsibility

When you wrap your arms around environmental responsibility, a new sense of personal integrity follows. Satisfaction and a sense of power come with choices and actions that have a positive effect on your surroundings. We instruct all of our guests in the proven philosophy and guidelines of Leave No Trace techniques. Developed in a coordinated effort between federal land agencies, wilderness educators, outdoor retailers, and equipment manufacturers, Leave No Trace techniques minimize Nepal Experienced Adventure Treks (Pvt.) Ltd. groups’ impact on the delicate ecosystems through which we travel.