Nepal has earned the reputation for one of the best destinations for white water rafting and kayaking in the world. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make up excitement of a lifetime. Rafting trips for some is the highlight of their stay in Nepal. The waters in Nepal offer something for everybody: Grade 5-5+ rivers with raging white water rapids for the adventurous, to Grade 2-3 rivers with a few rapids for novices. Rafters also have a choice ranging from one to two days to three-week trips.

The options include paddling, oaring and kayaking. Paddling requires all on boat to participate with instructions from river runner. Luxury safari-style trips with full team are available too. In an oar boat, the guide rows alone giving participants a chance to observe the surroundings. Kayaking is another way to travel downstream. A few companies offer inflatable kayaks, or fiberglass kayaks for hire while some arrange for kayaks on their own.

A typical day in the river begins early morning when participants arrive at the site. Instructions on safety and emergency situation are given to participants before the event. Life vests and helmets are worn by participants at all times during the trip. Meals are provided during the trip. Some packages also provide river equipment and camping equipment. The best time for rafting is from October through mid-December and March through early May. In winter hypothermia may be hindrance to some. During monsoons months of June through September, the white water sections are dangerous, but gentler stretches are easy to raft on. So far the government has opened sections of 10 rivers for commercial rafting.

River Rapid Rating System

Internationally graded standards are applied to judge the River Rafting in Nepal as well on a Scale of I to VI":

Class I:

Easy float

Class II:

Medium with clear passages

Class III:

Difficult waves, narrow passages

Class IV:

Very difficult, long, boiling rapids

Class V: 

Extremely difficult, big violent drops

Class VI:


Grade I is characterized by easy-moving water with few obstacles, where as Grade 6 is considered as nearly impossible to negotiate and should be attempted by one being the master of the Rafting Skill. From grade one to three are most common rafting sports in Nepal and are recommended for anyone who is not afraid of water and has reasonable physical shape. Grade 4 is more difficult but exciting and recommended for active people full of confidence in water and some pre-experience in rafting is needed. Grade 5 is a class in it. This class of river possesses continuous sections of powerful whitewater, strenuous paddling, steep constricted channels, and powerful waves and there are always possibilities of overturning the Raft. Risk is always prevailing to swim in these rapids

Rafting Season:

The best seasons for rafting in Nepal are September to early December and Mid-February to early June. The rivers are swollen and can be extremely risky from early September to early October and from May until June. 

Safety and Satisfaction, Our Concern:

At Nepal Experienced Adventures Treks, we are very much concerned about the safety and satisfaction of our valued guests, thus do not compromise on Quality, Expertise and Satisfaction. An utmost care is taken at each level to assure the same.

NEAT provide two kinds of rafts of your choice. If you are a beginner and would like to enjoy the excitement of the River Rafting yet not really sure of your Rafting skill, we have Raft with Ors frames. The river guide will row the Raft and you just enjoy the scenery and relax. The tents will be pitched by the staff and hot tea and meals will be served. You do not need to do anything. However, for more active and adventure loving people we will provide paddled Raft, where the paddlers can have the feeling of team work and it can cope with more demanding and challenging rapids. The excitement and feeling of every success and achievement after each rapid, day after day and team spirit as well as involvement in such success gives the paddlers enormous satisfaction.

Popular Rafting in Nepal

Bhotekoshi River Rafting

Bhotekoshi River Rafting

River Bhote Koshi (Grade 4 to 5) is a two-day run of pure adventure. The rafting site is located only three hours from Kathmandu. ..

GRADE: Moderate

Trisuli River Rafting

Trisuli River Rafting

River Trisuli (Grade 3+) is one of the most popular Nepali rivers for rafting...

GRADE: Moderate