Small yet beautiful, Sikkim is nestled by the towering peaks of the mighty Himalayas including Mt. Kanchanjunga (8586), the 3rd highest peak in the world. Sikkim shares borders with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west and the state of west Bengal in the south. With its unique and drastic variation in the altitude ranging from 244m to 8586m, Sikkim offers visitors a rare life time chance to experience the changing life styles within a moderate distance, from sub-tropical heat of the indian plains to the cold snow capped mountain slopes.


Known as the Queen of the hills, Darjeeling is a world famous station in India. The mighty Kanchanjunga provides a beautiful background to this small town adding to its natural beauty. Its a very famous holiday resort and has a touch of British Influence that prevailed in the British rule in India. In and around Darjeeling are many lush green tea plantations producing the world famous Darjeeling Tea- a site worth seeing.

Through the lush green hills to Darjeeling, runs a unique small train, approximately called the "Toy Train", which has been decleared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.